Why is the Lite Link slat less expensive than the other slats?

Posted: 9 years ago Quote #24
I noticed this lite link slat is less money than the other slats??
Posted: 9 years ago Quote #27
The warranty isn't as long as some of the other slats. The Lit link slat is only a single wall slat while other fence slats are a tubular shape making them a double wall slat. The lite link is still a very good slat. With a 10 year warranty you really can't go wrong. There is less material and they weigh less so there isn't as much material, thus the price should be lower.
Posted: 9 years ago Quote #28
If you don't think you will need privacy slats more than 10 years I would go with this one. However, if your chain link fence is 2 1/4 inch mesh I would get a slat made for that size. The lite link slat is only for 2 inch mesh. You can put it in larger mesh but the privacy won't be as good.